What Is Glossy Paint? Should you use it for your home?

Each paint company has 3 lines of paint including glossy paint, matte paint, and smooth paint. In particular, the glossy paint is the high-end line, easy to clean, the surface is shiny, and beautiful and the price is also the most expensive. Surely you will think that it is good to paint the house with glossy paint, right? Do not rush to conclusions, but let's analyze with Tan Ky Mineral whether to paint the house with glossy paint or not through this article.


Glossy is used to describe the property of certain paints. Glossy refers to the amount of sheen and smoothness a paint possesses. Glossy is on the senior side and tends to reflect more light, giving the room it is used in a sort of glow. 

Imagine a bright red Ferrari, it is shiny and you can most likely see your reflection on the surface. Although glossy paint will not be that shiny when used in your home, that is a good example of what it looks like on other materials.


With the above advantages and disadvantages, it can be seen that not always, any area using glossy paint is good. Specifically, the living room, if covered with too much glossy paint, the guests will feel uncomfortable due to the reflected light.

The advice you need is:

  • Glossy paint: suitable for areas that are often soiled, subject to a lot of impact such as kitchens, stairs, etc. These areas use glossy paint to make it easier to clean.
  • Matte paint: can be used for living room or bedroom. This type of paint still has the ability to clean quite well even though it is not as good as glossy paint, but the advantage is that it is pleasant to look at and less revealing of the disadvantages of the wall.
  • Smooth paint: used for bad surfaces and does not require high quality paint. This type of paint does not have the ability to clean, but when covered on a bad wall surface, it will be much less visible.


- Less toxic: Glossy paint has ingredients that do not contain harmful substances, are environmentally friendly, and help protect human health.

- Increase the aesthetics of living space: This paint has good adhesion, anti-heat absorption with beautiful bright colors, making the house more durable.

- Anti-mildew, dust: glossy paint helps the wall reduce friction, difficult to stick to dust and prevent mold growth.

- Easy to clean: With a glossy painted wall surface, cleaning and staining will be much easier. In the past, the only way to completely clean a dirty wall was to buy new paint and repaint it. With glossy paint, you will reduce this cost.

You just need to use a soft cloth to wipe the stains. For stubborn stains, a specialized cleaning solution can be used to clean it.


  • The construction process is sophisticated, requiring high attention to detail.
  • If the wall is not smooth, it is easy to reveal the defects, so if you want to paint it, you need to use a putty to smooth it, making the top coat more beautiful.
  • Glossy wall paint can cause light reflection, creating an uncomfortable feeling for users.
  • The cost of glossy paint is quite high.

To reduce the cost of glossy paint, manufacturers have used cheaper fillers. In particular, calcium carbonate powder is one of the popular fillers thanks to its low cost and environmental safety.

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