The Ultra - White paint can cool the house

Scientists at Purdue University have created the whitest paint in the world, and their research shows that the ultra-white color could drastically reduce or even eventually eliminate the need for air conditioning.

In theory, white surfaces reflect more light than other colors. Based on that, many works use materials such as mirrors, teflon or titanium dioxide to reduce the amount of light radiation. However, these methods are still not perfect.

So scientists at Purdue University have successfully developed a different direction. The group used a lot of calcium carbonate powder fillers. This calcium carbonate powder is mixed with a few special ingredients, which help absorb a lot of solar radiation.

The concentration of particles in the paint is as high as 60%. Particles are synthesized with different sizes, thereby increasing light dispersion efficiency. Also thanks to the high amount of calcium carbonate, they are shinier, and classified as "super white".

The team tested new paint for buildings in Indiana. As a result, under direct daylight, the paint helps to reduce the room temperature by 1.7°C compared to the outside environment. The cooling capacity is equivalent to 37 W/m2. At night, the paint helps to reduce the temperature inside the house by up to 10°C.

The team calculates that this paint can reflect up to 95.5% of the light that hits it.

The Purdue University team spent six years creating this paint. The team analyzed more than 100 materials with more than 50 different formulations.

In the end, the team found a paint formula, taking the main ingredient from calcium carbonate. This material is cheap, easy to find, and absorbs less harmful ultraviolet rays, making it perfect for building materials.

Dr. Xiulin Ruan - co-author of the study - said that this "super white" paint recipe is compatible with today's industrial paint production process. The cost is also one and a half times lower. "The special thing is that the paint has good durability, can be used outdoors for many years," said Xiulin Ruan.

The paint is expected to help make buildings reduce the need to use air conditioners.

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