The importance of Calcium carbonate powder to the construction industry

With benefits such as low cost, large reserve, safety for the environment and health,... calcium carbonate powder has been contributing many roles in different fields. Including the construction industry.

Calcium carbonate powder is widely produced in Vietnam, including Nghe An province - where the mines and factories of Tan Ky minerals are located. Calcium carbonate powder is divided into many different types and each type will be different depending on their composition and application in the industry.

Currently, Calcium carbonate powder in the construction industry has an extremely important position. May be mentioned as:

  • Calcium carbonate powder to make aggregates for concrete, mortar, leveling,...
  • Used as an additive in statues, decorative materials in spaces.
  • It is an important and indispensable ingredient in lime and cement production
  • As an important raw material and additive in the production of terrazzo bricks, granite grinding, asphalt concrete, grout...

In particular, Calcium carbonate powder is also considered as the main filler used in the paint industry. Helps the coating process to increase the smoothness and brightness of the work. At the same time, they also contribute to increased optical strength and paint weight.


Where have the good quality calcium powder?

Currently, there are many units that distribute Calcium carbonate powder products with different prices. You can learn and choose to buy at building material suppliers for support. Tan Ky Minerals is a place you can trust

The company's ultra-fine white stone powder is produced by the most advanced automatic production technology in the world with a super-fine grinding system in a closed cycle, with a Hosokawa Alpine (Germany) synchronous assembly line of ball mill, classifier and coating machine. Our grinding line can be adjusted to meet the strict requirements of customers on local and international markets. The source of white limestone material is directly exploited from our mine at Eo Cat Hill, Tan Xuan Commune, Tan Ky District, Nghe An Province. This is a white quarry of good quality and high reserves with high CaCO3 content, meeting the requirements of the domestic market and exporting. The stone lumps for grinding has been carefully selected at the mine. It was rechecked when passing through weighing stations, gathering at storage yards and cleaning up to avoid the substance. CaCO3 powder product is strictly controlled by highly qualified, experienced  staff  in the scientific environment with fully equipped facilities. We own the largest and most modern laboratory equipment in the country also.

With a team of professional staff, we believe that we can bring our customers satisfaction  of quality, price and services.  We affirms "Trust in Quality"

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