The Differences Between Food Grade And Industrial Grade Calcium Carbonate

Many customer ask us the Calcium carbonate for Pharma/ Food. So what is the different from Grade for industries and grade for Food ? 

Industrial grade calcium carbonate can be used for the production of paper, paint, plastic, rubber and other industrial production, and can also be used for fertilizer, pesticides and other chemicals as additives. Mainly based on calcium carbonate's mineral, purity, mesh, and whiteness, to distinguish its grade and use, there is no high demand for industrial grade calcium carbonate compared with food grade calcium carbonate.

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Food grade calcium carbonate is high purity and high whiteness, calcium carbonate purity must be 99% or more, with very few impurities, does not contain harmful heavy metal substances, and must have passed the national food safety testing. Food grade calcium carbonate is used as a food additive, such as alkaline agents for food processing, nutritional supplements, dough regulators, curing agents, yeast nutrient, anti-caking agents, lozenges, gum supplements and modifiers. Food grade calcium carbonate can be added in calcium nutrition fortified health food products, gelatin base, leavening agent, flour products, cereal breakfast, biscuits, dairy products, soft capsules and other products, even can be used for high purity pharmaceutical grade calcium citrate, lactic acid Calcium, citric acid ,calcium malate, calcium gluconate and other organic calcium salt as the ideal reaction raw materials. Our food grade calcium carbonate meets the international market customers, based on the stringent requirements of the product with no plumbum and low impurity content. For example, in the biscuits by adding the suitable amount of food grade calcium carbonate, which reacts with the gastric juice hydrochloric acid, turns out CaCl2,which can be absorbed by the body, and now many calcium products contain a suitable amount of calcium carbonate.

The requirements in the production for the ore raw material are different between food grade calcium carbonate and industrial grade calcium carbonate, the ore for the production of food grade calcium carbonate must be high quality with high purity and high whiteness, the process does not allow pollution and impurities , Packaging process should be also ensure that clean and safe. So it is not easy to choose the high quality ore before manufacturing the food grade calcium carbonate rather than industrial calcium carbonate.

When calcium carbonate ore quality is better, and the higher the purity, the higher the whiteness, the higher the mesh, the better the calcium carbonate price. So that the price of food grade calcium carbonate is more expensive than the industrial grade calcium carbonate price.

In addition to get food grade calcium carbonate from high purity natural ore, as well as obtained from the biological shellfish, coral, eggshell and other biological products, which are called biological food grade calcium carbonate. The cost will be higher, the price will be more expensive.

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