Groundbreaking ceremony of artificial stone factory construction project

Tan Tan Mineral Processing Joint Stock Company solemnly held the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction project of the artificial stone factory.

On October 6, 2022, our company held a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a new factory located next to our existing stone powder factory.

This production expansion makes it possible for us to take advantage of mine ownership and abundant raw materials.
After the project is completed, we will launch a new product line in addition to the ultra-fine calcium carbonate powder we are providing to the market today.

Lễ khởi công dự án -Tan Ky Mineral
 Along with the construction of an artificial stone factory, we continue to manufacture and export ultra-fine calcium carbonate powder.
If you have to need to buy Calcium carbonate super fine stone powder, please contact us. Calcium carbonate application: 

- Paint: decorate paint, Glossy paint, Road marking paint,..... 

- Plastic : Filler masterbatch 

- Paper 

- PVC 

- Cable 

- ....