Export 560 MT Grade TK2001 and TK 2001 for Animal feed application

Calcium Carbonate has a wide variety of uses and applications in the agriculture industry such as

  • Animal/Poultry Feed & Pet Food
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Agricultural Lime
  • Cubicle Lime

Animal/Poultry Feed and Pet Food

Calcium Carbonate is an essential mineral for the healthy growth and development of livestock and domestic animals. It plays an important role in the metabolic process, retention, and conversion of nutrients and regulates cell activity. It also supports healthy bone and skeleton development in young livestock. Calcium is one of the main minerals needed by animals to grow, develop and produce.

Its main function in the animal is for bone and teeth formation, smooth muscle contraction, e.g. the rumen, and blood clotting. A deficiency or imbalance in calcium can cause poor growth rates, poor bone development, reduced milk output, displaced abomasums, and more obviously milk fever. A lesser-known fact is that it can also cause urinary calculi in male animals, (intact or castrated). It is also vital for poultry to support healthy digestion and strengthen and harden shells.

Animal Nutrition

All farmers should ensure they are fed some form of calcium supplementation. It can be fed through a diet feeder or more simply thrown on the silage in front of the stock. It’s not particularly hard to do and yet still many farmers don’t feed any at all. It’s of vital importance, especially in a bad year, where silage quality may be poor and more meal is being fed. The other concern is, due to the economic situation many farmers are facing, minerals are quite often seen as just another added cost, but Calcium is the cheapest mineral you can feed your stock

Different animals require different levels or quantities of Calcium Carbonate at different stages of their growth. It is always best to consult with a professional animal nutritionist to ensure the correct ratio for the animal feed of livestock.

Agricultural Lime

Agricultural lime is a mineral fertilizer used to neutralize and nourish agricultural land. It corrects soil acidity and pH levels by neutralizing the acids in soils so that the micro-organisms can thrive, break down plant and animal residues and free the elements required for healthy growth of the land. This is vital to maximize crop yield, animal grazing, and good quality silage/hay.

We are currently one of the top producers of agricultural lime or Grolime in the West of Ireland and provide quality, fast and efficient service, and on-time delivery and spreading. Our lime is tested twice annually by the Dept of Agricultural which in turn provides us with a license to sell. We are also members of the Ground Limestone Producers Association.


TAN KY MINERAL PROCESSING JOINT STOCK COMPANY are supplying calcium carbonate powder/ Limestone powder for Animal feed manufacturer

We can supply for the top cut size from 30 microns to 200 microns, with various whiteness: 90% min, 94% min, 97% min 

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We are exporting TK-2001 and TK 2002 for the Animal feed application Tan Ky Mineral Processing Joint Stock Company  (2)_1