Calcium carbonate market in the world 2023

Calcium carbonate is a mineral with abundant reserves, accounting for about 4% of the earth's crust.

Calcium carbonate is a mineral with abundant reserves, accounting for about 4% of the earth's crust. The calcium carbonate market is worth about $43.67 billion in 2022 with a compound annual growth rate of about 5.6% during 2023-2029 and will total about $63.96 billion in 2029. In terms of output, the global calcium carbonate market will reach about 9 million tons in 2022 and is expected to increase by 4.53% annually in the period to 2035.
Asia Pacific leads the market with 37%. Among them, China is dominating with 8.2%.
Imerys (France) is the leader in the calcium carbonate market with group revenue of USD 4.49 billion in 2022, followed by Omya AG (Switzerland) with group revenue of USD 1.05 billion in 2022 .

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Chart 1. Summary chart of the world calcium carbonate market

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Chart 2. Calcium carbonate production output in the Indian market from 2013-2022 (unit 1000 tons)

Based on the application of calcium carbonate, the market is segmented into Paper & Pulp, Plastics, Paints, Rubber, Adhesives & Sealants, Construction & Others. In 2022, paper is the most popular application segment, accounting for more than half of total sales. Calcium carbonate is used in paper pulp as a filler or coating pigment. Its inclusion improves the brightness and opacity of the paper. Despite the fact that the Internet has had an impact on the print media sector, it has had little impact on the demand for paper for other uses such as packaging and tissue paper.
Manufacturers are forced to increase production to meet growing customer demand due to the current pandemic. Cellulose Argentina, for example, planned to increase paper packaging production by 30% by August 2022. The company focused its efforts on the food market, which is experiencing a surge in demand. The paper applications segment is expected to maintain dominance during the forecast period, owing to growth in the e-commerce sector and increasing usage of tissue paper. In April 2023, Minerals Technologies Inc (the largest stone powder producer in the world and the US) signed a long-term contract for the production of calcium carbonate light powder with the construction and operation of an on-site PCC plant. with 3 large paper factories: Andhra Paper Ltd (India), Nine Dra (China) and Zhejiang New Materials Company (China) - the factory is expected to go into operation in late 2023 or early 2024 with a capacity of 180 thousand tons per year.

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Chart 3: Image of calcium carbonate production rate used by application in 2022, forecast to 2035 (Internet source)